Jumat, 03 September 2010

Life is..

Life, it's something complicated to understand. Sometimes it's hurt and pain, but sometimes it's wonderful, just like in heaven. Some people say life is colorful, just like a rainbow, sometimes dark like in a deep sadness and sometimes bright as the sun. Whatever it says, according to me, life is a bless from God. It's some kind of gift from God, so we have chance to understand what we live for and the meaning we are still alive in this world. My favorite quotation is "let everything flow". I do my life as it, but now I realize if that word isn't easy as I thought. Someday as life goes on, I realize something new. Doesn't matter what lessons I have learned today and the day before, I realize that everything happen in my life is made by GOD, and everything that He gives is truly the best for me. I perfectly know that, but sometimes I can't accept what have done to me. Sometimes I think that God is unfair to me and sometimes I judge Him a lot of my regret. Sometimes it's hard for me to accept my destiny.

Sometimes if desperate comes to my life, I hope God will raise me up till I can stand on my own way, again and again, till I can accept all the way that God give to me, and I can realize if that is the best way in my life and make me grow up. I'm still immature and I'm still looking for my own self and what is the best for my life and my future. I have learned much from experience of my life, include sadness. I realize that it always happen whatever in case because that is part of life and that can make me stronger, make me grow up, and make me understand the meaning of life and how to keep it up.

If something happen in me whatever sad or happy, I believe that God always beside me and always help me. And if I'm in a deep desperate and dilemma, hope God will raise me up because I truly know that God love me more than I know, and God always give the best for me and for my life.

Yeah, I know life isn't easy, but I'm not afraid to face the world anymore, because life is an experience. Find something new and learn how to move on because life must go on. Life isn't make you stuck right there, but life teach you how to survive and find a happiness around you. Look at the positive thing and cheers up! You're not alone, God always besides you and hear all your pray, hope, and sigh. So, enjoy your life and don't make it difficult. Have a sweet life!

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